A leading AI-powered
Dynamic Pricing Platform
for Retailers and Brands

Optimizing Pricing At Scale, Elevating Revenue & Profit

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Up to

3 %

Uplift in Revenue

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1 %

Increase in Profit

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IT Effort


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280 %

Increase in Productivity

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Coverage of

97 %

Catalog & Channels

Why Quicklizard?

Quicklizard offers a leading ML & AI-powered dynamic pricing platform designed to help retailers and brands streamline and optimize their pricing strategies. 

Quicklizard is distinguished as a premier choice among automated pricing platforms for several reasons:

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100% Open Platform

Built on a robust Python foundation, Quicklizard ensures a seamless implementation of any pricing strategies, tailored precisely to cater to specific business needs.

AI-Based Recommendations:

By harnessing advanced AI and machine learning, Quicklizard delivers optimized pricing recommendations, ensuring businesses maintain a competitive edge and stay ahead in the market.

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Omni-Channel Alignment

Quicklizard’s platform empowers clients to effortlessly synchronize their pricing strategies across all channels and regions, ensuring consistent and optimized pricing across the board.

Swift Implementation

Quicklizard prides itself on its efficiency, promising a rapid implementation timeframe of just 12 to 16 weeks.

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It's time to take your business to the next level!

What our clients have to say

Boost Your Retail Profits with Quicklizard:

Elevate your pricing strategy with 100% catalog coverage, proactive market adjustments, and precise, tailored pricing. Seamlessly manage multi-channel pricing while saving time and reducing errors. Click to unlock the full potential of your retail business with Quicklizard!

Transform Your D2C Brand with Quicklizard:

Embrace automation to free up resources, ensure error-free pricing for increased revenue, and harmonize pricing across all channels to avoid internal competition. Click to unlock efficiency, accuracy, and strategic growth in one smart move!

A leading AI-powered
Pricing Platform for
Retailers and Brands

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