Develop a More Agile and Resilient Organization with A.I.-Driven Dynamic Pricing

For retailers operating in a B2C world, there are literally hundreds and thousands of different factors that can help determine the optimal pricing strategy. Artificial intelligence and machine learning deliver the ability to harness the real-time visibility your organization needs to set the right price on every SKU, in every market, across your omnichannel sales ecosystem.


There is absolutely no reason for your pricing to remain fixed in such a dynamic and fluid business environment. The global COVID-19 pandemic has created the need to build more agile and resilient organizations. Digital transformation is the key to achieving competitive advantage and emerging victorious in the race towards Industry 4.0.

Artificial intelligence and big data analysis are creating unprecedented opportunities, and it is the perfect moment to harness the potential of these technologies to catalyze your organization’s next stage of growth. Meeting and exceeding revenue targets becomes a much more streamlined and operationalized process when you are applying data-driven decision making at every step of your organization’s global operations.

A pricing strategy is not something that should be accomplished manually across spreadsheets and calculators. Those days are gone, and there is every reason why your business should harness its true potential by adopting and implementing the leading technological innovations of the moment.

Since the start of the global pandemic, supply chains have been ravaged, and consumer behaviors have been altered forever. Implementing a dynamic pricing solution to match building a world-class customer experience is the key to success in today’s competitive business environment. A pricing strategy is one of the most powerful areas for your organization to improve the margins needed to maximize revenues and drive sustainable profitability. Inflation and rising costs have created a renewed need for harnessing business intelligence.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow your team to utilize insights culled from thousands of different factors and apply them in a way that delivers real utility and value. Instead of having to complete manual calculations based on schedules and timetables that have nothing to do with your organization’s changing business needs, apply automated pricing optimization. Always set the right price, on every SKU, across every market. Consistently achieve the highest possible profit margins by staying ahead of the leading trends and indicators driving your market success.

Learn more about dynamic pricing and why it’s time to harness A.I.-powered data-driven decision making to maximize revenues and drive new levels of profitability.

Countering Uncertainty By Implementing Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Dynamic pricing is sometimes also referred to as real-time pricing, surge pricing, or algorithmic pricing, which is when prices are adjusted based on complex and nuanced factors involving supply, demand, costs, competitive landscape, and much more. Prices can also be adjusted along with customer demographic and psychographic trends, habits, and data-driven insights. Price optimization empowers your business to be more agile, flexible, and resilient in the face of uncertainty. It also unlocks the ability to respond to adversity by constantly improving margins and working to achieve new and more ambitious business development goals.

There are many different ways to improve profitability; however, price optimization through dynamic pricing is one of the most powerful. Did you know that a 1% increase in prices can lead to a 10% increase in profits for a business with a 10% profit margin? Of course, depending on your industry and other approaches to business, it’s very easy to see how even minor improvements in pricing strategy translate into the freedom and flexibility your brand needs to grow now and long into the future. Pricing is such a valuable way for your business to do more with less and truly capitalize on your unique market position.

Furthermore, in today’s competitive landscape applying dynamic pricing also offers the ability to make more out of your relationships with your most profitable customer bases. Believe it or not, different groups of customers will respond to different pricing dynamics in unique ways. Being able to respond to those adjustments in real-time is a powerful tool that improves business performance while also delivering a more customer-centric user experience. Not all customers are created equally in terms of the value they will generate for your brand. Pricing optimization is one of the best ways to really get the most out of your customers while delivering them a higher quality service.

Make this Your Most Successful and Profitable Year of All Time

Organizations in every business vertical imaginable harness the power and potential of cloud-powered technologies to unlock new levels of agility, scalability, and success by implementing data-driven decision-making. Every second of every day, your organization is generating rich streams of analytic insights. Meanwhile, the world is always trending, and macroeconomic shifts along with micro-level trends are constantly unfolding.

In today’s competitive and considerably challenging business environment, it is essential to make the strategic investments necessary to protect and build on your position.

Intelligent pricing is the most powerful way for your organization to pull ahead from the competition and reach new levels of excellence. Say goodbye to the old way of doing things and hello to the boundless opportunities of data-driven decision-making. Implementing dynamic pricing leads to quick results and allows your teams to build on insights to develop a culture of continuous improvement hinged on pricing perfection.

Some of the factors that go into dynamic pricing include :

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Stock on Hand
  • Current Costs
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Product Page Views across Sales Channels
  • Specific User Data of Historical Interactions
  • Demographics
  • Psychographic Trends
  • Behavioral Data such as On-Site Actions Taken
  • Customer Spending Habits
  • Competitor Prices
  • And so much more!

QuickLizard is the Enterprise Dynamic Pricing Solution

In today’s extremely fast-moving competitive business landscape, data-driven price optimization is key to harnessing the full potential of your customer data and using it to drive flexible and nuanced pricing decisions based on valid and reliable evidence. Big data use has absolutely exploded because it is simply easier than ever before to generate true business intelligence from the juxtaposition of internal and external signals, indicators, and trends. QuickLizard synthesizes all of this into a highly accessible and user-friendly way that allows you to consistently optimize prices through a series of automated actions that free your most talented team members to handle more advanced projects.

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of QuickLizard’s complete pricing solution. By implementing this technology, your organization can process much larger volumes and data and truly take into account all the different challenges and opportunities that your organization is privy to in any one given moment. The best part is QuickLizard accomplishes all of this in real-time from a single platform without the need to wrangle a ton of different tools. Implement the world’s most advanced enterprise dynamic pricing solution.

Upgrade to the World’s Most Advanced Pricing Solution for Global Enterprises

Our platform connects to multiple data sources and sends all price-impacting data to the pricing engine, which balances AI and business rules to recommend the optimal price per item per channel. Accepted recommendations can then be automatically deployed in real-time to the proper channels and updated in ERP records, creating a closed-loop pricing cycle. The open nature of our platform enables retailers to easily match system functionality with business needs.


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